Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a lawyer. Even after some road bumps while in school, I still succeeded in becoming a lawyer. But once I was there, little did I know that’s when the real work and challenges began.

After experiencing a life defining moment, I had to reconsider my definition of a successful lawyer.  I became internal counsel and started down a new path which included finding new interests – one being writing.

I took a week in Vermont to see if I enjoyed writing and if I had enough in my head to fill a novel.  I loved it!  Taking what I learned about myself and the writing process, I came home and dedicated myself to writing a novel.  I created a ritual.  I came home from work, fed my cats and watched a little television – either Wheel of Fortune, DVRed episode of Celebrity Name Game, or even a little Jimmy Fallon – while I ate dinner.  Then I would turn to my DVD of a roaring fireplace, light a candle, listen to music and lose myself in my writing.  My music choice depended on the type of scene I was writing, but Rob Zombie, rock/metal, crossover, opera and classical music were my favorites.  With some hard work and focus, I completed my first novel.  Even now, as I work on my second book, I still find myself following my ritual.

Through my writing I have been able to define my own expectations. Writing has been liberating! Writing has opened my mind, freed my soul and enhanced my life.  My book helped me escape my own self defined tyranny of perfection and fulfill dreams I always had lingering in the back of my mind.

“Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.” – Anonymous