Death by Perfection
by Katherine Haennicke

Two murder scenes, one night. A high school shudders in fear. Another murder is discovered. A town quakes at the thought of one, let alone multiple killers in the community. Detective Jack Maguire has a monumental task in front of him. He has to solve the murders but are they even connected? He searches into the background of the victims and uncovers hidden schemes. The victims’ lives were not as perfect as they seemed. What hold does the tyranny of perfection have over us? Fascinating, isn’t it? You want to know more about the shooter. I’ll tell you. I am perfect. Yet three people have done something so egregious, that I somehow became flawed. But not for long. They are a plague in my life that must be cured. I must rid my life of their disease.  Let me take you on that journey with me. And then you can see if that Detective will figure it out. I doubt it.

Death by Perfection is a suspense crime thriller that invites the reader into the killer's   mind while experiencing a fast paced investigation.